Choosing The Right Dog Treat Is Vital

All dog treats are not created equally. Here at Abbella Cakes we pride ourselves on producing all-natural limited ingredient dog treats.We find that many dog treat manufacturers compromise quality in an effort to increase quantity. I am sure it comes as no surprise that dogs have a similar reaction to processed foods as humans do.

The biggest advantage to all-natural limited ingredient dog treats is the amount of nutrition that is packed into each treat. With the simplification of the recipes, emphasis is often put on quality and nutrition and discovering how our treats can maximize nutritional value being served to our canine companions. It is important to identify dog treat brands that focus on dog treats as if they are human consumables. We at Abbella Cakes do just that. We source only the finest human grade ingredients to be used in the creation of every treat. I on many occasions have even consumed the blueberry muffin treats as an alternative to a regular muffin in order to avoid sugar.

Having an all-natural limited ingredient dog treat enhances the ability of dog parents to actively and efficiently monitor calorie in-take as well as be on the look out for any potential allergens their dog may have. Both of these factors directly affect the lifespan of your dog. As loving dog parents we know how hard it can be to sort through the ingredients in mass produced dog treats. That is why many of our treats only utilize a handful of ingredients and are packed full with natural ingredients that have no artificial preservatives or flavors.