About Us


Abbella Cakes was created for my dogs, Abby and Stella. I wanted to ensure that everything they ate provided for their nutrition, along with a taste they couldn’t resist.

We include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and never use any wheat, corn or soy.  We only use natural preservatives and we never add any sugar, salt, or corn syrup to our products.

Our hard treats can be stored in a pantry and have a six month shelf life.  Our soft treats should be treated like a baked item you would buy for yourself.  They can also be store in the refrigerator for up to a week or frozen for up to a month.

Abbella Cakes is a small, family owned company. We are committed to customer service and product quality.

Whether it is a cake for a celebration occasion, or a treat for an ordinary afternoon, indulge your best fur friend with confidence.

 Eileen Bible, Owner and Chef


TESTIMONIAL: Abbella Cakes is a wonderful new addition to our Pomeranian’s life! We bought a couple of samplers to see what Sally Joy preferred and she immediately took a fancy to the cheese twists and the apple cheese cupcakes with the cream cheese topping. Recently, we got her the small bone-shaped cake and she gobbled it down in about a week. The presentation and design are fabulous and we are proud supporters.
Susan and Clarence B., Richmond, VA