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Abbella Cakes is Proud to Support:

Abbella Cakes is committed to the love and support of rescue organizations.  The needs are greater than ever, so every adoption and rescue organization deserves as much love and help as possible. Many of these groups rely solely on donations. Some seek out volunteers, and others need pet food and supplies. 


Adoption Locations:
Looking for a furry friend within the Richmond area? Here is a list of just a few places to search. 
Richmond Animal League - Gracie Gardians
Sanctuary Rescue
Houlagan's Rest
Henrico Humane Society
Richmond Animal Care & Control
Richmond SPCA
Fredericksburg SPCA



Testimonial: Abbella Cakes brought some dog treats out for us at the BARK adoption stand, for new adopters to take home...and that has been wonderful, but I need to share a secret: our volunteers have taken some home to their dogs too! I have an 11 year old Cocker Spaniel with a very fussy tummy, and most time cannot tolerate treats...she LOVES Abbella Cakes! It is funny, at the adoption site, lots of people mistake them for people food, they smell like apples, carrots, and cake. I think it is wonderful to have treats for dogs that are fresh, and homemade, that you do not have to worry about what is in them, and are healthy for even older or sick dogs. I wanted to thank Abbella Cakes for sharing...and please keep up the good work!
- Kelley Brockman, BARK Adoption Lead